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For every new buyer of a laptop or personal computer, the initial installation processes can be both a very interesting journey and a tedious job. In this installation process, www.office.com/setup is one of the most important installations that you have to carry out. It won't be too much to say that MS office is one of the most useful programs without which no computer is complete. It helps you in a lot of different ways. For students, professionals or homemakers, it's useful for all. No matter whether you have to prepare a slideshow for school or a sales presentation or even just a simple movie to surprise your loved ones, it helps you out with everything.

For the officecom-officesetup.com installation, the first step is purchase. You need to buy this product on the internet only so that you can then install it in your system. During the purchase, the most important thing is the key as it provides with the identity of being a genuine buyer. If you buy it online, the key is provided to you through email, while for the ones buying it offline, the key is there in the packaging. You need to keep this key safely with yourself as it is going to be very important for your microsoft~office~com~setup.

Once you enter your key on the Microsoft website, you will need to login with your Microsoft account. While the pre-existing users can use their old account, the new users can easily create a new account. Once you are past all these steps, the only thing left to do is to click on the install button. Here onwards, the steps are fairly easy and you don't need to possess any technical expertise to follow them correctly. Once you are through with the installation process, you can click on the all done button and your MS office is ready to be used.

All this process is fairly easy to execute, however, in the rarest of cases, you might hit some technical snag but there is nothing to worry about here. There are many online firms which can easily help you. These firms have experts who can guide you step by step and walk you through the complete process on the phone itself. Today, the world you live in is a fast paced one where no one has the time and leisure to run after things. In such a scenario seeking help online for you Microsoft Office Setup is the best thing you can do.

Microsoft office Setup | Office.com/setup

Microsoft office is the most using robust and extremely efficient Program set with many applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other useful programs. As time passed the various Applications are added to the MS office and the features of applications are added and changed continuously like OLE Data integration, word count, grammar or spell checker tools and many other.

One Report said that MS Office is used by more than 1 billion People in the globe. The latest version of MS office 2016 and MS office 365 which is used for business purpose.MS office is available for Mobile also and Mobile application of Microsoft office are very user-friendly and free for users.

MS office is needed at every business either it is small or big for various work like to prepare presentations, keep records or email sending etc. So now let's learn how to set up the Microsoft office in your computer.

Installing office in your computer is the very easy process which requires some steps to follow carefully. You can also replace the old version of MS office with the new version by installing the new version. But before installing the new version, make sure that all the system requirements meet. For ex, to install MS office 2010, you need.

Now if your computer meets the minimum requirements, then follow some steps to successfully install Microsoft office in your system. There are many methods to active and set up the Microsoft office but here we are going to discuss the method of using a CD Drive.

Insert the Microsoft office CD/DVD into the Optical drive, now if the setup doesn't start automatically, go to my computer, double-click on CD Drive and then double-click on setup file to start the installation.

Now it will ask you for the 25-character product ID which is printed on your office product cover and then click on continue. Click on the square box to I accept the license terms to go to the next step. Now you can see the 2 options: "install now" and "customize". Now if you choose the install now button, it will start the installation of MS office on you window drive. Select customize option if you want to install in another drive or you want to install the selected applications only and then click the install button.

You can see now one installation bar which shows you the installation process. After the completion of the process, you can either go online or close the window. To use the any MS office Application, Go to start button> Microsoft office and open the application which you want to open.

After following the same steps of installation, still, sometimes we get errors or query or any other installation problems. And if you are getting such problem then you don't worry! We are providing online support to MS office users in installation or activation or you can visit www.office.com/setup.

You can contact us to get MS office product key or to get the guideline or support on re-installment. Contact using the phone number given to us and we try to solve your actual problem and get the solutions. Other best idea is to email your problem with the screenshots of any error with details so we provide the solution in the better way.